What is the Offline Account

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So you’ve installed Endless Mission and created your account.  But right below your main account you also see an option for “Play Offline”. 


What’s that all about?

The original intent is to allow you to play the game if you have chosen to go into “Offline Mode” in Steam. If you do that and try to log in with your normal account it won’t work. So you would need to choose the "Play Offline" option.

It is important to note though that the Offline Account is a completely separate account from your main one.  Is not hooked up to the Endless Cloud server and as such will only save data to the machine that accessed the account.  So, because of that, you can also consider this account sort of like a secondary account.  This could be used for allowing a friend to check out the game without messing up your main progression or even as a fresh account that you could use for Streaming from once you’ve discovered all the secrets on your main account and want to discover them all over again “live” while streaming.