Intermediate Tutorial Part 3/4: How do I Build a Game World?

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Before following this tutorial module, make sure that you are:
  • Either starting with "Barebones Game" Loaded into the Editor,
  • Or starting from your saved copy of your Game that you used while following the other modules of this tutorial.

Add a Few Buildings[edit | edit source]

  1. At this point, we have a tower that shoots rocks at you, but it's not very fun because there is nothing to hide behind. In this module we will make a simple world that you have to navigate through. Once you know these basics, you can make any design you want here for your world- these steps are just examples and suggestions. Feel free to deviate and get creative here, it will not affect your ability to follow the other tutorial modules.
  2. A great place to find some buildings is to search for "building" in the Library.
  3. Drag out two buildings from the Library, "Building Block 4x4x1" and "Bulding Block 2x2x1". Place them on the floor but a distance away from each other as shown in the screenshot. You'll have to set Building Block 2x2x1's X Rotation to -90.

Add a Stairstep & Bridge[edit | edit source]

  1. Drag out another "Bulding Block 2x2x1" from the Library, and place it next to the existing one, but move it downward into the ground halfway so that it effectively functions like a step. You'll use this to jump up to the roof of the initial "Bulding Block 2x2x1".
  2. Then, search for "walkway" in the Library. Drag out "ModularWalkways" into your Viewport, and place it to make a bridge connecting the roofs of the first two buildings.
  3. At this point, your world should look something like the screenshot. Now, we have a path that follows a step up from the ground and onto the roof of the small building, with a bridge that leads to the roof of the big building. Take the time nudge the pieces around so everything looks connected to each other in a believeable way.

Add A Rooftop Floor[edit | edit source]

  1. Drag out "Bulding Block 2x2x1 Orange" from the Library, and place it on top of the existing large building like in the screenshot. It will look better if you rotate it upright, but make sure that you can access all corners of the top of the 4x4 building. The purpose of adding this building is to make the rooftop area contain some geometry that you have to both walk around to get to the end, and also to give you something to hide behind as the tower will be firing at you all the time.
  2. Go ahead and press Play to test your work. Make sure you can jump up to the small rooftop, cross the bridge, and reach the far corner of the large rooftop. From here, you can optionally save your current Game, and you can move on to the next part.