Intermediate Tutorial 5: How To Set Up An Ocean Environment In Your Game

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This tutorial will teach you how to set up a good looking ocean environment for your game. The Endless Mission has all of the assets to make an ocean built-in, and this tutorial will show you how to set them up properly.

Creating Your Ocean[edit | edit source]

  1. Create an empty object in your scene called "Ocean Environment." This will hold all the assets you need and keep things organized.
  2. Drag in the basic "Ocean Plane" object from the Endless Library.
  3. If needed, rotate the Ocean Plane around the x axis by 270 degrees.
  4. Drag in "Ocean Plane Distant" from the Endless Library and place it so that the square cut out is filled by the "Ocean Plane."
  5. Drag in "Ocean Horizon Line" from the Endless Library, and set its coordinates to 0, 0, 0.
  6. Make "Ocean Plane," "Ocean Plane Distant," and "Ocean Horizon Line" children of "Ocean Environment."
  7. Drag in a combination of "Cloud 1," "Cloud 2," "Cloud 3," and "Cloud 4." You may want to scale some of them up a little bit to add to the variance. Place them anywhere you want.
  8. Add extra effects such as: "Waves Spray" and "Wind Whips" at will.