Intermediate Tutorial: How do I Make a Simple First-Person Game?

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This tutorial contains four independent modules that cover some more intermediate concepts. You can follow all of these modules in order, or you can try any one of them separately, or you can even try them in any order you want.

If you complete this entire tutorial, you will have a simple first-person dodging game where you have to avoid all the projectiles and reach the end pickup before you lose all your health.

For these modules, please start with the following steps:

  • First, from the Title Screen press "Editor"
  • Once you are in the Editor, press the "Load" button, and open "Barebones Game"
  • That is an acceptable starting point for any one of the following four tutorial modules
  • Optionally, before you start, select "Save As" at the top of the screen, and give the Game a new name, like "MyAdvancedTutorialGame". Now, you can save your progress whenever you want just by pressing "Save", and you will be able to Load your tutorial Game and come back to it anytime.

Part 1/4: How do I add a Health Meter to the FirstPersonAvatar? [edit | edit source]

This module will show you how to take Capitan BlackClaw's health meter, and add it to the FirstPersonAvatar so you can take damage and die when all your health is gone.

Part 2/4: How Do I Create a Tower that Fires Rocks at the Avatar? [edit | edit source]

This module will show you how to create a tower that fires projectiles at you. Then, we will make the projectiles look like rocks, and then we will make them damage you.

Part 3/4: How Do I Build a Game World? [edit | edit source]

This module will show you step by step how to build a very simple Game world.

Part 4/4: How Do I Create a Pickup that Wins the Game?  [edit | edit source]

This module will show you how to create a special pickup that will make you win the game as soon as you pick it up.