How to Travel Around the Game World Using Respawn Points

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Below is a tutorial on how to quickly travel around the world while you are in Adventure Mode using Respawn Points.

Where are Respawn Points located?[edit | edit source]

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Respawn Points are located throughout the game world, and are represented by a blue flag, with a small, yellow symbol on it. When you are near a Respawn Point, they will appear on your compass as a white tower symbol, or if you have already activated the Respawn Point, a green tower symbol. You may also see Respawn Points on your map indicated by the same symbol.

How Do I Activate a Respawn Point?[edit | edit source]

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When you find a Respawn Point while exploring the world in Adventure Mode, you must activate it in order to travel to it in the future. When you are close to a Respawn Point, you will be prompted to press "E". If you press "E", the symbol on your compass and map that indicates the Respawn Point will turn green. This means you will now be able to travel to this Respawn Point from anywhere in the world.

How Do I Travel To A Respawn Point Once I have Activated it?[edit | edit source]

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To travel to a Respawn Point once you have activated it, simply bring up the map by pressing "M", and click on any green Respawn Point. Once you click on a valid Respawn Point, you will see a "Travel" button appear. Click on the "Travel" button to immediately be teleported to the selected Respawn Point.

Other Information Pertaining to Respawn Points[edit | edit source]

  • If your character dies during Freeplay, you will respawn at the closest Respawn Point to where you died.
  • You cannot travel to a Respawn Point while you are in the middle of a mission.