How to Equip Different Hacks

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This tutorial can be followed in Adventure Mode.

Equipping Hacks in the Inventory[edit | edit source]

Tweaks Inventory.PNG
  1. To equip Hacks or change which Hacks are active, press Esc and click on the Inventory tab, or press "I" on the keyboard as a shortcut.
  2. In your Inventory, the left side of the screen will display all of your available Hacks. To view only one type of Hack, click the "Tweaks", "Mods", or "Revs" buttons.
  3. Each Hack will be displayed as a circular icon. To view more information about each Hack, you can hover the mouse over the icon or click on it.
  4. The circles numbered 1 through 4 display your active Hacks. To equip or change the number of a Hack, simply drag the icon for the Hack into the numbered circle where you want it to be active. Now, that Hack can be selected in-game by using that number.