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So you’ve downloaded Endless Mission, launched it, and created your account.  You find that next to your account name you see a generic profile picture. 

ProfileStuff 01a.png

“How do I change that?” you ask.  Well, follow these steps and you’ll be good to go in no time.

1.      Hop over to the web browser of your choice and head to:

2.      At the top right corner of that page you will see a “Log In” button.  Click on that.

ProfileStuff 02b.png

3.      That will bring up an option to “Log in with Steam”.  Click on that.

ProfileStuff 03.png

4.      Log in using your Steam account data.

5.      Once you do that you’ll bounce back to our website and in the upper right corner you will now see your account name.  Click on that and that and you will now see an option for “My Profile”.  Click on that.

ProfileStuff 04b.png

6.      That will bring you to your Profile page with a window in the middle of the screen that says “My Profile”.  On the right side of that window you will see 3 stacked dots.  Click on those.

ProfileStuff 05a.png

7.      Choose the option for “Edit Profile”

ProfileStuff 06a.png

8.      You will now see an option for Change Avatar.  Click on that.

ProfileStuff 07.png

9.      You’re almost done.  This now brings up a window where you get to choose your profile picture.  The guidelines say that the image has to be square, no larger than 2048 pixels wide, less than 1 MB in size and either a PNG or JPG.  Click on the “UPLOAD” button and find an image on your computer that fits the criteria. 

ProfileStuff 08a.png

10.  Once you’ve found one, just hit the “ACCEPT” button and that takes you back your Profile page. 

ProfileStuff 08b.png

11. Now just click on “SAVE” and you are finished.  When you hop back over to the game you should now see your image associated with your account.

ProfileStuff 09a.png