How do I Publish my Asset to the Community?

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When you have worked on your Asset to the point that you would like to share it with other players of The Endless Mission, you can use the Publish feature in the Editor.
Publishing an Asset is exactly like Publishing a Game, except for the following differences:
  • When you want to Publish an Asset, Right-click it in the Project Hierarchy. A contextual menu will appear with selections to "Publish" and/or to "Update Listing Only", just like the "Publish" button for your Game.
  • People can't "Play" Assets like they can Play a Game. When you Publish an Asset, you are doing this to allow other players to use your creation in their Games.
Everything else about Publishing Assets is exactly the same as that of Games. Please see the article: How do I Publish my Game to the Community? for the rest of the relevant information.