How do I Make Numerical Edits to the Position, Rotation, or Scale of an Asset?

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In the Editor, it is possible to make numerical edits to the position, rotation, or scale of any Asset, in addition to using the 3D Tools to move, rotate, or resize Assets visually.

Sometimes this is useful when you want to make precise edits, or you want to know exactly what the numerical value is of a given Asset's position or rotation or scale.

Editor - Project Hierarchy Asset Select.png
First, select the Asset you would like to edit in the Project Hierarchy UI Panel.

Then, you need to access the Inspector Panel.

Editor - Inspector Panel.png
Next, locate the Position, Rotation, and Scale rows in the Inspector Panel.

Here you can freely type any value into these fields and the Asset will update accordingly.

If you use the 3D Tools to move, rotate or resize Assets, you'll also notice that these values update accordingly.