Beginner Tutorial 6: Change The Number Of Laps In The Arcade Racer

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For this tutorial, you can use the following steps to load the Arcade Racer in the Editor. If you've previously done "Save As" on the Arcade Racer you can also load that Game into the Editor and start this tutorial that way. If you have not yet done this, here are the steps to make a copy of the Arcade Racer that you can edit and save as your own:
  • First, enter the Editor.
  • Then, press the 'Load' button, and load the Arcade Racer Core Game.
  • Before you start, select "Save As" using the drop-down next to "Save" the top of the screen, and give the Game a new name, like "MyTutorialRacer". Now, you can save your progress whenever you want just by pressing "Save", and you will be able to Load your tutorial Game and come back to it anytime.

Modify The Number Of Laps[edit | edit source]

Strictly speaking, this won't necessarily make the game harder, but it is a convenient parameter to know how to change. In this tutorial we will change the number of laps from 3 to 1.

  1. In your Project Hierarchy, select Gameplay/ Gameplay Manager.
  2. In the Properties Panel, scroll all the way to the bottom and find the "Lap Count" parameter. It is 3.
  3. Change this value from 3 to 1. That's it.
  4. Now, the race will finish after just a single lap.
  5. You can also increase this value for a longer race.